Economic Development Strategy

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Economic Development Strategy

The Economic Development Strategy for London 2007-2021

Strategy and Action was launched on 29 May 2007 and is available in hard copy from the Secretariat.

This document has been used to inform the development of the Post 2006 EU Funding Programmes, for example, Convergence and the Rural Development Programee for England (RDPE).

As part of the strategy development process the GovWaste team prioritised the top ten actions.

The number one priority for London is housing

London has a continuously growing population. House prices and rent prices are soaring, becoming too expensive for those on low or average incomes.
Research shows that the housing situation in London could reach crisis point if more housing as well as more affordable housing options aren’t provided in the next few years.
The approach is two-fold:
  1. Encourage local governments and councils to plan house building schemes.
    Using public money to build homes for its residents is essential to keep London an affordable place to live for key workers. One and two bedroom flats are most in demand across all areas of the city.
  2. Encourage property business to develop land and properties in London and the surrounding areas. London is a profitable place for professional developers and builders to invest and build homes. Funding is available from specialist lenders from £500k to £2.5 million. Find out more here.
Visit Housing Today for the latest news on construction and development in the Capital.

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For more information on the economic development Strategy, please download the Strategy and Action document or contact us for a hard copy. In order for us to keep postage costs down we will endeavour to deliver these to partnership meetings wherever possible.