Giant rat ‘plague’ hits UK gardens as 80% increase in rodent activity sparks pest ‘war’

Poor waste management: Rodent activity starting a pest war

Due to lockdown, rats have been very busy, which has lead to pest controllers waging a war on the crackdown of the plague of rats roaming British residential areas, gardens, businesses and streets.

As many restaurants, business, places of work and offices have been closed for the better part of a year, rat populations, as a consequence, have exploded – especially in residential areas.

And believe it or not, most of the rodents being caught are huge. See pictures/videos.

A big increase in residential callouts

The notice of rats has also come from people being at home a lot more. But even though everything is beginning to open up again, rodents still might be targeting old spots, whilst some may migrate elsewhere.

If you have an issue with rats, it’s important to get this sorted straight away to avoid a bigger and more severe infestation from growing. Rats are dangerous and do pose health risks, so it is better to be safe and sorry.

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Alternatively, you can report a pest problem here.

The stats

The British Pest Control Association has reported an 80% rise in rodent activity.

The UK’s waste management is mostly to blame with raw meat left overflowing in bins. And lockdown has made things so much worse.

With everything being locked down, commercial waste has had time to dry up meaning there are limited food resources, which has lead rats to migrate, spread out and look elsewhere.

Where are they now? Mostly in domestic gardens. So be on the lookout!