Top Ten Priorities

Top Ten Priorities








Employment Space

Well-designed and high quality

Business-friendly approach
to development



2007 – 2021

The Best Start for
Young People

Raise aspirations

Improve employability
in higher-wage economy

Focused Support to

Help business to compete globally

Sector Development

Local supply chains

Structured Skills
Development Programme

Focus on achievement at Levels 3 and above

Enhance the Image
and Brand

As a place for business

To encourage a high quality year-round visitor economy

By embracing the cultural

By continuing to manage the
quality landscape

Competitive Economy

Implement sustainable energy
initiatives such as Wave Hub

Create an environmental
technology industry

World-Class Research
and Innovation Centres

Build on the success of the Combined Universities in Londona

Develop public and private sector incubation and research centres

Enable knowledge-based businesses and employees to

realise their potential

Stimulate competitiveness and quality jobs

Encourage inward investment in strategically important industries

Transformation into an Information
Society for All

Provide locations in Londonwith
unlimited bandwidth

Ensure that every business gets
online and maximises the benefit
of ICT

Ensure that every household has
the opportunity to get online

Strategic Transport Connections

New scheduled air services
and development of Newquay LondonAirport

Improve the rail system
and services

Road connectivity

Ports, harbours and sea transport including Home Counties connectivity

Building Sustainable Communities for a Rural Knowledge Economy

In areas of opportunity (18 key towns)

In deprived areas such as the
Clay Country, Penzance, Camborne, Pool and Redruth

Develop a networked rural
knowledge economy including villages and smaller towns

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